In Today’s Job Market how important is Stability?

As a HR professional, I go through a lot of profiles where there is no resemblance to so called accepted norms of Stability yet find such candidates being hired by the HR depts of various companies. Do you think the term called Stability, is it over hyped in todays fast paced engagement less job market or is it important? What is the ideal tenure you think a person should spend in an organisation?…

These are some of the questions which come to mind when I think of the over hyped term called Stability. Stability in terms of tenure is defined by different people differently. Its all in the mind I say. Most of the professionals today change for the cash & the designation, role or profile be dammed or if they are getting cornered in their present organisation.

Other way of looking at it is there are very few companies which manage to engage their employees. And the no brainers sitting in the recruitment team are just not willing to look at the bigger picture and to understand why the person might have changed jobs.It also differs from industry to industry.Where there is a shortage of talent, employees in those industries would tend to show less stability.Ideally the resume should show the candidate showing some kind of progression in his professional career or getting exposed to new areas of work to justify the changes.

Overall, I feel a tenure of 2 years or more in an organisation fits the criteria of stability and anything more would be ideal. Also, when we have doubts over the persons stability it should also be looked at the candidates background rather than taking a superficial view…


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